Drafting Templates and Stencils
The dimensionally stable precision stencils are equipped with sharp symbols that were chosen for the most diverse uses and requirements. The see-through, yellow coloured material allows seeing the finest design artificial lines.

Rulers and letter stencils are important tools for producing and labelling drawings, in particular technical drawings. Since the letters and characters in sketches must be extremely precise and clean, letter stencils help transfer these letters and characters onto a surface while ensuring a correct and proper layout. Rulers and letter stencils are made from plastic materials and cellulose compounds.

Aristo Burmeister French Curves
A range of accurate and economical templates in strong hangpacks...
Aristo Circle Template 1 -36mm
Aristo’s product line offers a wide variety of template options.  Whatever shapes you are looki..
ARISTO Conic Section Template (Konika)
Combines an ellipse, a hyperbola with asymptotes, and two parabolas in one device. The equations, fo..
Aristo Geo Contrast Geometry set - 4 pcs
Aristo Geo Contrast Geometry set - 4 pcs 2x set sq, ruler and 360 protractor Made from sturdy or..
Aristo Lettering Guide 0.2
Aristo Lettering Guide 2mm  UPPER AND LOWER CASE    ..
Aristo Lettering Guide 0.35
Aristo Stencil H-Profil 3.5mm Upper AR5301/3  Lettering stencil 3.5mm with inking bosses..
R295.00 R75.00
Aristo Lettering Guide 0.5
R336.00 R75.00
Aristo Lettering Guide 0.7
Aristo Lettering Guide 2mm  UPPER AND LOWER CASE    ..
Aristo Parabolic Function Curve Y
Standard parabola with curves for trigonometric functions, with n scales, sinus-cosinustangens (E-fu..
Aristo Protractor 180 - 100mm
Aristo Protractor 180 - 100mm..
Helix Plastic White/Black Board Protractor 180 Degrees
The Helix 180 degree white/black board protractor is plastic ..