Dala Oil Paint Titanium White 90ml

Dala Oil Paint Titanium White 90ml
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Price: R67.00

Oil Paint, in common use since the 15th century, was first applied in its modern form around 1410, by Flemish painter, Jan van Eyck.

This luxurious medium has, in the past 600 years, been refined to the exceptional product found today in Dala’s range of Artist’s Oils.

Dala Oil Paints are formulated in the laboratory to meet the most discerning standards. Our high quality pigments are triple milled for a rich, creamy texture – the perfect balance of pigment and oil.

Dala Oil Paints’ high pigment load provides exceptional tinting strength, and with rigorously tested light-fastness and excellent archival properties, this flagship product range has earned its place as the preferred brand for artists around the world.

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