Lukas Painting Butter 5 - Impasto Medium - 37ml

Lukas Painting Butter 5 - Impasto Medium - 37ml
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Lukas Painting Butter 5 - 37ml

Thick alkyd medium for all oil impasto techniques! Imported from Germany exclusively for Jerry's!

Paint in heavy impasto techniques without wasting valuable pigment with this quick drying, elastic, alkyd resin-based Painting Butter medium from LUKAS! Formulated with special drying agents and thickeners, this impasto medium helps keep the thick constitution of heavy paint application with no leveling, ensuring that your paint structure remains. Layers will dry without shrinking, cracking or wrinkling! LUKAS Painting Butter Impasto Medium is a transparent, slightly amber-tinted mixture of alkyds, thickeners, and driers and is the same consistency as straight oil paint: mixing it with your paint will thin the color somewhat but allows you to paint in heavy impasto layers while not wasting pigment, and ensures the layer dries completely and evenly. An indispensible medium for the oil artist fond of impasto and palette knife painting techniques!

  • Alkyd base speeds up drying time of oil paint 
  • Dries evenly without wrinkling or cracking 
  • Paint in impasto layers up to an inch thick! 
  • Available in 37ml and 200ml tubes, as well as a 750ml can


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