The South African Artist Magazine Latest Issue

The South African Artist Magazine  Latest Issue
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The team at the SA Artist strive to bring you a mix of articles that will inspire and inform you, and this issue is no exception.

We experimented with the Zorn palette and were pleasantly surprised at the range
of colours we were able to mix with just four tubes of paint. Turn to page 6 to read
about it and try it out for yourself.

There are two step by step demonstrations: Aurelia Sieberhagen shares her views
on notan, values and simplicity and Malcolm Dewy explains aerial perspective. We
pop into the West Coast studio of Arend Louw, and take a look at The Workshop
Gallery in Bathurst.

With the increased use of smart phones and tablets, art resources are now just a click away. In this issue we review just a few of the many apps available for download. These range from gallery tours and artist portfolios to drawing and painting apps. So why not take a break from the easel, download one or two and try them out.

Happy Painting!

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