Lukas Berlin Oils 37ml – Water Mixable Oil


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Germany’s Finest Water-Mixable Artists’ Oil Colors! Imported exclusively for Jerry’s!

LUKAS has expanded their tradition of making top quality artists’ oil colors to address the concerns of health- and environmentally-conscious artists. Berlin Water-Mixable Oil Colors have all the excellent features of LUKAS’ most popular oil lines, but they eliminate the need for harsh and toxic solvents. Using only high grade pigments with superior lightfast ratings, LUKAS has created a special modified binder of linseed and sunflower oils designed to mix and thin with water instead of turpentine or mineral spirits. This means you can paint oils in your home studio or in more enclosed spaces without having to worry about inhaling harmful or allergy-causing solvent fumes.

Clean-up is easy too, with just soap and water! The modified oil binder, though water-miscible, still allows oxidization and dries to a strong and waterproof paint film as with traditional oils. LUKAS’ signature beeswax additive also imparts the beloved buttery consistency to Berlin Water-Mixable Oil Colors, and the balanced range of 30 colors are available in 37ml and 200ml tubes, along with a selection of special, modified oil mediums for thinning and glazing. Whether you are concerned with your own health, the health of others, or even the safety of the environment, you can now avoid using harmful solvents while still achieving all the depth and beauty of traditional artists’ oil paints with LUKAS Berlin Water-Mixable Oil Colors!

  • Well balanced range of 30 brilliant water mixable oil colours
  • Exceptional light fastness and colour intensity
  • Excellent water miscibility – no traditional solvents required
  • Distinctive smooth buttery consistency
  • Surface drying time in 2 – 4 days.

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