We offer a large range of Mediums used for Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour. Acrylic Mediums are all water based and is used for mixing with the acrylic to either dry the acrylic(acrylic retarder) Slower or a Glaze medium to create Glazes and layers can be used as varnish for when the painting is completely dry.

In oil colour there is various mediums used with oils to either speed up the drying process(fast drying medium)and this medium can also be used as a final varnish. Turpentine and Linseed Oil is usually two mediums used to thin down oil paint.

With Watercolour there is usually only one medium,art masking fluid, that the artist applies with a brush to mask the areas the want to keep clear.

Varnishes are available in either a Liquid Varnish or a Spray varnish and should be applied only after 6 month to a year.

We Stock Gum Turpentine, Artist Refined Turpentine and Distilled Turpentine

Please note that stock indicated on our website does not reflect stock in our physical store. Please contact us if you have further questions in this regard.
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