Eduvos Graphic Design Kit 2024


 Watercolour Pencils 12 

Graphite Pencils 2H-6B

A3 Flip File 20 Pocket

Dala Ink 50ml Black

Technical Drawing Pens 0.3/0.5/0.8

Kneadable Eraser

A3 Kraft Pad 175g

Bianco White Talon Brushes x 4

Gouache set of 12

Mont Marte Calligraphy Set

A3 Sketch Pad 120g A3

A4 Watercolour Block HP 300g

Lyra Splender Pencils

Plastic Palette

Woodless Charcoal Medium

Non Permanent Black Marker

White Pastel Pencil

Sand Paper Sharpening Block

Croxley Cutter

30cm Steel Ruler

A3 Self Healing Cutting Mat

Artist Fixative 200ml

Prime Art Alcohol Markers x 5

Blending Stumps

1 x Acetate A4 Sheet

1 x Creative Journal A4






This Set includes a Student Discount and Free Delivery to your door


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