BHC School Of Design 1ste Year Interior Decorating Kit 2020

R5,142.00 R4,114.00

  • Exam Pad A4
  • Rotring Tikky Clutch Pencil 0.5
  • Croxley Exercise Book A5 Unlined
  • Isomars Set Square 45 deg 25cm
  • Lever Arch File x 2
  • Isomars Scale Ruler
  • Steel Ruler 60cm
  • Isomars Circle Template
  • Padded A2 Portfolio Bag
  • Flip File A2 20 Pocket
  • Tape Measure 8m
  • A2 Green Cutting Mat
  • Prime Art Trace Pad A2 90g
  • Prime Art Trace Pad A2 50g
  • Visual Diary Hardcover A4
  • Maped Scissors
  • Croxley Cutter 154cm
  • Scotch Spray Glue 300ml Permanent
  • Double Sided Tape 12mm
  • Masking Tape 18mm
  • Uhu Glue Stick 40g
  • Bostik Clear Glue Value Pack
  • Pentel Click Eraser
  • Plastic Double Hole Sharpener
  • Aristo Geo Pigma Liners x 3
  • Sukara White Gel Pen
  • Rotring Lead 0.5 HB
  • Cretacolor Pastel Pencil white
  • Derwent Studio Pencils 12
  • Derwent Graphite Pencils 12 Soft
  • Copic Markers  x 17



The complete Interior Decorating Kit For BHC 2020, this complete kit includes a 20% student discount and Free Delivery


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