Dala Gouache 30ml


Dala Gouache, the first South African produced designer gouache, is a traditional Gouache formulation of high quality pigments, suspended in a gum-based solution.

Unlike watercolour, gouache is not used as a stain and does not rely on the whiteness of the paper or support to show light and brilliance. Gouache, which dries to a brilliantly opaque, smooth satin finish, relies on its pigment strength and, in the lighter tints, on white pigment, for luminosity and opacity.

Dala Gouache, with its high pigment loading, is currently available in 12 clean, vivid colours – all of them Process Colours, with which any Pantone Colour can be accurately reproduced.

These colours are extremely easy to blend in wet or dry, have high tinting strength and are ideal for graphic reproductions as well as fine art applications.

Dala Gouache can be applied with pen, paintbrush or airbrush to achieve the desired technique. A firm favourite with illustrators, Dala Gouache will lend sheer brilliance to your artwork.



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