Derwent Techniques Brush Set


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A specially selected assortment of brushes for different painting techniques; each brush in this set has been developed to produce different marks, allowing the artist greater creative possibilities.

Foam Brush – perfect for laying down a wash over a large area or background. Swordliner – an exquisite brush for flowing marks; glide between fine lines and teardrop shapes. Ideal for petals and leaves. Fan Brush – when wet, the fan separates into fine points which can be used to create delicate marks such as hair and foliage. Flat Brush – for broader strokes and fine lines, the flat brush has great colour carrying capacity for laying down colour quickly with ease. Comb Brush – a close relative of the fan brush, the comb brush is used anywhere you want fine separated lines. Ideal for grasses & fur, it is also used for adding texture and hatching. Rigger Brush – the perfect brush for adding detail. The rigger produces fine lines with a consistent width. Ideal for delicate lines and intricate work.


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