Color Mixing Recipes for oil and acrylic


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Colour Mixing Recipe book

A fantastic in depth Colour mixing recipe book

This is one our best sellers and incredibly useful when mixing your oils and acrylic paints

The popular Color Mixing Recipe Cards by William F. Powell has served as a handy reference of essential color combinations for almost 10 years. And now this collection of oil and acrylic paint mixing recipes is available in an updated, convenient format developed with your needs in mind! Conveniently packaged in a concealed wire-o-bound book that lies flat when opened, the recipe cards will always stay in order with no risk of getting lost. The book also includes a Color Mixing Grid—the perfect guide for accurately than 450 color combinations, along with instruction in a variety of painting techniques, Color Mixing Recipes is a valuable and practical resource for both oil and acrylic artists. (Awards: Craftrends Awards of Excellence 2006


• Contains more than 450 oil and acrylic paint mixing recipes

• Features a reusable Color Mixing Grid for easy paint measuring

• Serves as a valuable resource for both beginners and professionals

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