Hobbyline Porcelain Paint Pens

Dala Ceramics @Home & Hobby line Porcelain Paint Pens

Kreul Hobby line Porcelain markers and outliners make designing your own ceramics a breeze! Porcelain Pens is available in: 12 colours with a bullet nib of 2-4mm. Dala Ceramics @ Home is available in 14 Colours and come In a 50ml Bottle.

The Kreul Hobby line Porcelain markers is  For painting on glass, glazing ceramic, metal and porcelain and Available in 11 colour shades and including 2 nib width of black. It has a Constant and exact ink flow due to valve system and Easy to use.

  • First test the pen on paper before painting the object
  • Ensure porcelain surface is clean and dry before prior to application
  • Arcopale merchandise should be dusted off damply
  • After a drying time of 4 hours, cure at 160°C in the non-preheated kitchen oven for 90 minutes
  • After curing the painting is dishwasher safe

For a extra protective layer finish off with one coat of the Dala Ceramics @ Home Clear coat and bake for a second time

Dala Ceramics @ Home can be applied to all bases that are able to withstand a temperature of 150°C (300°F), such as porcelain, china, glazed earthenware, terracotta, metal, enamelled sheet steel, copper and glass. The choice of base enables numerous effects to be produced and experiments to be made with the transparency and intensity of the colours. Dala Ceramics@Home makes professional enamelling available to all, with a new generation of 14 colours, glazed by simply baking at 150°C (300°F) in any domestic oven. In bottle, tube and marker, which can be mixed together, deep and glossy, with a superb enamelled appearance after baking.
Apply with brush, sponge, or stencil


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  1. Hi I m a ceramicists and I am interested in these porcelain pens as well as the ceramic metallic markers en the coloured ones also the paint. Are they available in South Africa? Can I order online and the price please. Thanks.

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