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We are proud to stock a range of GOLDEN products in our store, and in this blog post we will discuss Golden Fluid Acrylic and the Mediums that is used with them.

 All GOLDEN products are compatible with one another, which is a great advantage of the Golden acrylic system.


GOLDEN Artist Colors started creating Fluid Colors on a custom basis for artists requesting a low viscosity, pigment-saturated paint. Some of these artists wanted to pour, puddle and drip their acrylic paints, others wanted to stain with the acrylics using them as alternatives to watercolors, and still others wanted to use the paints for spray application. Many artists were already thinning Heavy Body paints with water to achieve these effects. Although simply adding water or medium to the Heavy Body Acrylics sufficed to meet the needs of most artists, some complained that the resulting paint was not strong enough. These artists desired an undiluted acrylic that would provide optimal tinting strength and coverage.

Eventually, the popularity of the Fluid custom formula reached a point where GOLDEN was able to introduce it as a standard line of product. The Fluid Acrylics are formulated similarly to GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics, the main difference being the viscosity or consistency at which the paints are finished. Hence, the pigment load or color strength of the Fluid Acrylics is comparable to the Heavy Body Acrylics. In fact, because of the greater leveling of the Fluid Acrylics, some artists believe the Fluids are actually stronger than the Heavy Body colors.



Gel Mediums offer many ways to build texture. We offer five consistencies from our most viscous Extra Heavy Gel to Soft Gel. Each gel is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte finishes. They can be used to create glazes, extend paint and change finishes. Gels are essentially colorless paint, as they utilize the same 100% acrylic polymers as acrylic paint. Gels are also excellent adhesives for collage and mixed media, they dry with excellent flexibility with chemical, water and UV resistance.


Soft Gels (L-R,Gloss, Matte, Semi-Gloss) are thinner than Heavy Body Colors. Mix with color to produce a brilliant glaze. Soft gels can be a base for wet blending and also as an adhesive for collage.

Regular Gels (L-R: Gloss, Matte, Semi-Gloss) have the same viscosity as Heavy Body Acrylic Colors and are ideal for extending paint and regulating transparency without changing consistency. Useful for impasto.

Heavy Gels (L-R: Gloss, Matte, Semi-Gloss) are thicker than Heavy Body Acrylic Colors and may be blended with colors to increase body. Excellent for holding peaks.

Extra Heavy Gels (L-R: Gloss, Matte, Semi-Gloss) have the thickest consistency of any gel we offer and may be blended with colors to increase body. Excellent for holding peaks and tool marks.

High Solid Gels (L-R: Gloss, Matte) are similar in body to Heavy Gels. They contain more acrylic solids and shrink slightly less than other gels. They blend well with colors and will retain brush strokes upon drying. Available in gloss and matte




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