Arches Watercolour Paper Rolls 300g



113 cm x 9.14 m


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Arches watercolor papers are mouldmade in France, with 100% cotton fiber content. They are acid-free, pH-neutral, gelatin-sized, and air-dried. Sheets have two deckle edges, and are watermarked and embossed.

Cold Pressed or ‘Not’ Pressed: this medium rough texture is preferred by most. It takes colour smoothly, but the tooth allows for slight irregularities and graining in washes.

Arches papers aren’t just for watercolors. Use them also for drawing, calligraphy, gouache, printmaking, acrylics, and even digital printing. Manufactured from pure cotton fiber, they are so durable that they will remain beautiful and vibrant for centuries without conservation, if stored and handled properly.

Rough – A pronounced, varied texture, great for a textured loose feel.

Cold-pressed (NOT) – It’s the paper texture in-between rough and hot-pressed paper, having a slightly textured surface this paper is sometimes called NOT.

The Not stands for “Not Hot pressed”

Hot-pressed (HP) – Watercolour paper with a very smooth surface and almost no tooth. Good for painting detailed paintings and creating very smooth washes.


Cold Pressed, Hot Pressed, Rough


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