Krystal Seal Bags 18 x 24″


  • 25 Bags
  • 18 x 24″
  • self adhesive tab

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Protecting your artwork shouldn’t be a time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive process. Now it doesn’t need to be!

Simply slip your mounted or unmounted art into a Krystal Seal Bag, fold over the resealable flap, and you’re ready to display or store your art in a print rack, flat file, portfolio, or storage box — while protecting it from dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

The crystal-clear, acid-free, archival bags are made of 2 mil polypropylene.

Krystal Seal Bags are available in many popular sizes for matted and mounted prints, drawings, watercolors, photographs, and inkjet prints — perfect for gallery, show, and studio use.


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