Aristo Mg1 Drafting Ink 23ml

Aristo Mg1 Drafting Ink 23ml
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Aristo Aristo Mg1 Drafting Ink 23ml

On a regular Multiliner, the metal sleeve does not extend to the end of the nib.  A true drafting pen has a metal sleeve that continues all the way to the end of the nib. This style of sleeve protects the tip of your pen from being cut when used against a ruler edge.

A very fine wire extends ever so slightly past the sleeve. The ink doesn't flow through the wire, instead the ink pools around the wire pulling a small amount of ink as you draw. Because it isn't a fiber that pulls ink down, this pen style relies heavily on gravity and air flow. Built into the pen is a backflow valve. Ink flows from the main reservoir and fills another chamber with a back flow pressure valve that prevents the ink from blobbing or not flowing. It used to be that your ink flow would change as you use more ink. But the new back flow valve regulates the amount of air, creating a more consistent, precise ink flow with less clogging and pooling of ink. 

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