Art Spectrum - Colourfix™ Pastel Paper A2

Art Spectrum - Colourfix™ Pastel Paper A2
Brand: ArtAttack
Product Code: Special
Availability: 97
Price: R30.25

rinted on 300gsm hot press watercolour paper and with its 20 dense, lightfast colours and fine deep tooth, Colourfix™ is a superb substrate for acrylics, inks, silverpoint, oil pastels, gouache, watercolours and dry media such as soft pastels, charcoal and pencils. The natural toothy surface will hold multiple layers of pastel without the need for fixative, allowing the velvet bloom and vibrant colour of pastel to be preserved. Erasing is also easy with Colourfix™ - simply lift off excess pastel with clear adhesive tape, brush off with a dampened or dry brush, or use a pencil eraser. Alternatively, errors can be overpainted or areas touched up with the matching colour of Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Primer. The tough, toothy surface can be sanded, scrubbed, soaked and reworked over and over. Colourfix™ Papers are available in three sizes: 24 x 32cm, 50 x 70cm and 70 x 100cm (9 x 12”, 20 x 28” and 28 x 40”). Limited selection of colours in larger size paper.


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