Mediums & Varnishes

We offer a large range of Mediums used for Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour. Acrylic Mediums are all water based and is used for mixing with the acrylic to either dry the acrylic(acrylic retarder) Slower or a Glaze medium to create Glazes and layers can be used as varnish for when the painting is completely dry.

In oil colour there is various mediums used with oils to either speed up the drying process(fast drying medium)and this medium can also be used as a final varnish. Turpentine and Linseed Oil is usually two mediums used to thin down oil paint.

With Watercolour there is usually only one medium,art masking fluid, that the artist applies with a brush to mask the areas the want to keep clear.

Varnishes are available in either a Liquid Varnish or a Spray varnish and should be applied only after 6 month to a year.

We Stock Gum Turpentine, Artist Refined Turpentine and Distilled Turpentine

Heritage Etching Resist 50ml
1. Quality,Long Lasting Snow Effect2. For Use On Glass, Trees, Wreaths and School Projects3. Lead an..
Lefranc & Bourgeois Charbonnel Gold Size 3 Hour 75ml
Lefranc & Bourgeois Oil-based Gold Size is specifically formulated to correctly adhere gold leaf..
Lukas Bleached Linseed Oil 1 litre
Lukas Bleeched Linseed Oil 1 litre Use with Lukas Studio Oil Colour 37ml Use to thin down oil..
Lukas Bleached Linseed Oil 125ml
Lukas Bleeched Linseed Oil 125ml Use with Lukas Studio Oil Colour 37ml Use to thin down oil ..
Lukas Brush Cleaner II Non Haz 125ml
Lukas Oil Brush Cleaner 125ml Use to clean oil off brushes in a non chemical way..
Lukas Odourless Solvent 2218 125ml
Lukas Odourless Turpentine 125ml Use to thin down Oil Paint and to Clean brushes..
Lukas Painting Butter 5 - Impasto Medium - 37ml
Lukas Painting Butter 5 - 37ml Thick alkyd medium for all oil impasto techniques! I..
Lukas Picture Varnish 50ml Glossy
Lukas Picture Varnish 50ml Water-Bright Elastic Glossy Synthetic Resin varnish for oil, acryli..
Lukas Pure Balsam Turpentine  1 litre
Lukas Pure Balsam Turpentine1 litre  ..
Lukas Pure Balsam Turpentine 125ml
Lukas Pure Balsam Turpentine 125ml  ..
Lukas Pure Balsam Turpentine 5 litre
Lukas Pure Balsam Turpentine 5 litre  ..
Lukas Retouching Varnish 50ml
Lukas Retouching Varnish 50ml Water-bright, elastic drying intermediate varnish suitable for ret..