Fashion Design Graph it Starter Set

Fashion Design Graph it  Starter Set
Brand: ArtAttack
Product Code: ISDCFDCPK
Availability: 100
Price: R1,270.50


Colour include:

Black (100)

Sand (E33)

Yellow green (YG03)

Violet (V09)

Lipstick red (R29)

Forest green (G17)

Bareley beige (E11)

Chamois (E35)

Africano (E27)

Burnt sienna (E09)

Light blue (B14)

Ultramarine (B29)

Flesh (R02)

Pink (RV11)

Chrome orange (YR04)

Lemon yellow (Y13)

Warm gray No.2 (W2)

Neutral gray No.4(N4)

Sepia (E37)

Shock Pink (RV04)

Mallow (V15)

Peach (R32)

Cardinal (R59)

Blue Berry ( BV04)

We recommend Graph it Markers to all students due to its much cheaper price and Quality

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