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 Graphik Line Painter Palette 1    pa     IRIS GIFT SET WITH EASEL      winton oil 37ml1

  • brushesArtist Paint Brushes is available in many different shapes and sizes and is a wonderful painting tool.
    Golden and White Taklon Brushes have soft synthetic Bristles and comes in Round, Flat, Filbert and Angle shaders and is fantastic for use with all Acrylics and Crafts. When Painting with Oil paint or Heavy acrylics, Hog Hair Brushes is more suitable as the Natural Hog hair can handle Turpentine and other oil mediums.

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  • pencilsA pencil is a writing or drawing instrument available in a variety of thicknesses, gradients, colours, brands mainly used for sketching and writing.
    We stock watercolour pencils, graphite pencils, wood less pencils all available in singles on in sets of 12, 24 & 48 pencils. These pencils are available in Derwent Pencils, Cretacolour, Faber-Castell and Steadtler.
  • technicalWe stock a large selection of Technical Drawing Equipment used by Students, Architects and Draftsman, ranging from Scale Rulers,A1, A2, A3 & A4 Drawing Boards, Portfolio Bags, Circle- , Oval-, & Furniture Templates, Technical Drawing Pens(0.18 -0.7), Triplex, Foam Board, erasers, Technical Mechanical pencils, Compasses.